Plantology Design Plantscaping
At Plantology Design we put the finishing touches on residential and commercial real estate. We are dedicated to creating one-of- a kind container gardens. Any size, any style, we’ll help bring color into your life all Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Container plantings can be done on-site in your existing containers or new ones can be artfully assembled off-site, and delivered ready to beautify your home, business, office, or event.


Weddings, functions, gatherings, and events can also benefit from the sustainable beauty of a live-plant floral arrangements, and living art displays. There is never a worry about wilting, as these arrangements are all live-plants still in their soil.


Residential and commercial clients can choose to have their containers created and left in their care or may opt for a convenient Maintenance Service Plan.

Plantology Design Plantscaping
Plantology Design Plantscaping
Plantology Design Plantscaping

Personalize and add instant charm to your wedding, social gathering or other event. Our rental choices for containers and large trees are the perfect enhancement for your next occasion or celebration. >>

Container gardening provides an economical solution to beautify your store front, office, or restaurant...or create a green space where none previously existed. A smart, cost-effective way to liven your commercial spaces for visitors, guests, and tenants. >>

Our custom designed container gardens are a great way to incorporate greenery and beauty into all areas of your life. Client preferences such as color, texture or seasonality of plants, are taken into consideration when devloping a planing plan for your home. >>

Plantology Design Plantscaping

A beautiful, smart, sensible solution for indoor office environments such as lobbies, reception areas, and high traffic locations. Durable, eco-friendly, and easy to customize – living art creatively transforms a space. >>

"The transformation and makeover of our work environment is nothing short of amazing.Your passion and love for your work is reflected in every detail of your design which is unmatched. The selection and placement of the plants brings a spirit of freshness and health into the lives of our employees, ultimately affecting their spirit, good mood and productivity.


The team at Plantology Design is the most professional, courteous and hardest working group that I have had the opportunity to work with.


Thanks for all your great work!"


Senior Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

"Plantology Design is a true gem and Roxy is so gifted with such talent and creativity!If you are looking for beautiful and unique succulent arrangements for any occasion she is the person to go to! I have purchased many of her succulents for my home and office and even gave a gorgeous arrangement to my friend as a wedding present.


The plants are so easy to take care of and Roxy gives such great tips! Best of all she gives each arrangement a special touch and makes them with love.


You can feel Roxy’s passion in her work."


San Diego Client


Based on several experimental studies, the presence of potted plants has been found to be helpful in many different settings including your home, work, and school. In particular, plants have been shown to...


  • Lower blood pressure (systolic)

  • Improve reaction times

  • Increase attentiveness

  • Improve attendance (at work and school)

  • Raise productivity (at work)

  • Improve well-being

  • Improve perceptions of the space

  • Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery

  • Raise job satisfaction


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"It is my pleasure to provide a professional reference for Roxane Najafian of Plantology Design. I have worked with her at the Bridges for over a year now, and have experienced firsthand how an individual can make an incredible difference in the quality and service provided. She is a pleasure to work with, is always happy, very hands on and has a can do attitude that is second to none.


She is up for any challenge and has been instrumental in reaching out and donating her time to help our staff with classes on succulent planting, and providing advice to our members. In addition, she is a talented plant professional and generously lends her knowledge and guidance to plant replacements and maintenance.


Roxane is a true gem and I am excited to share this reference with you."

Ken Ayers

Development Director, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe