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Plantology Design Maintenenace Plans


At Plantology Design we are dedicated to our customers and proud of our professionally trained and experienced service team.


Our expert technicians can bring you peace of mind by keeping your interior and exterior plants, as well as your vertical walls looking vibrant, beautiful and healthy at all times.

Most people think that having a green thumb is just something you're born with. Little do they know all it takes to keep your household foliage alive is a little 411. Are you chronically killing your leafy friends? ​

Watering, humidity levels, drainage, windows, and plant shock are some of the top reasons many households and commercial facilities fail to keep care of their container gardens.


The main benefit of plant maintenance programs (besides keeping your container gardens alive) is peace of mind. Family, office meetings, concerts, vacations...there are many reasons that plants don't make it, but your life's events shouldn't have to be one of them. The Plantology Design team enjoys maintaining container gardens. 


Plantology Design Maintenenace Plans

The Plantology Design service will water, clean, trim, prune, polish and inspect your plant containers, making sure they are healthy. Technicians refresh the moss, clean the containers and fertilize the plants to keep the plants looking their best.

Plantology Design Maintenenace Plans

Plantology Design service weekly visits enable technicians to detect any infestation and address the issue right away. If infestation is not caught right away, devastation may take over the container garden. Our team makes sure that will never happen.

Plantology Design Maintenenace Plans

A guaranteed replacement service plan gives our clients the assurance that their assets are always protected.

Having both Plantology Design founders locally available and fully involved brings an added value to our commitment to excellence.

Our professionally trained technicians will visit your home or office for a weekly scheduled visit and perform the following services:​

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